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Supply Chain AI Models in Action


The AI Speaker Series presents Dr. Mani Janakiram, Senior Director at Intel and Senior Principal AI Engineer. His session will focus on how supply chain has been in the news for several reasons, but it is now clear that supply chain is not back-office operation but is a critical component of industry and society. Analytics when used effectively, can make a supply chain a hero in any organization. Supply Chain Modeling and Analytics is a key enabler for Intel’s supply chain success. It plays a key role in all aspects of supply chain functions and in managing supply chain during disruptions, throughout large and small industries and across global and local businesses. This presentation will show how various analytical techniques (descriptive, predictive, prescriptive and cognitive) can be applied across Plan, Source, Make and Deliver parts of Supply Chain. Will also address where AI/ML is taking the Supply Chain along with the skillset and talent needed by the Data Scientists to prepare to address these challenges.


Mani Janakiram is a Data & Analytics professional at Intel. His 25+ years of experience includes Automotive and Aerospace industries. He also worked at Honeywell and Motorola. He has 2 patents and published 100+ papers. He is an adjunct professor at ASU. He has a PhD in Industrial Eng. and an MBA. He is a Six Sigma Master Black Belt, an ASCM Fellow and is one of the Top 50 Analytics Executive as per


The AI Speaker Series at MDC aims to provide students, professionals, and community members with first-hand knowledge of the latest AI trends and practices by inviting renowned AI professionals to share their experience and discuss how AI is impacting all industries.


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Looking forward to hear from Dr. Janakiram regarding AI's impact on our future!