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You 3.0: The evolution of business, and education in the age of AI

The AI Speaker Series presents Manuj Aggarwal, one of the leading AI experts globally, host of the popular entrepreneurial podcast “Bootstrapping Your Dreams”. Aggarwal has 4 patents in the fields of AI and Machine Learning and has 2 published books on technology. Passionate about education, he is a mentor and coach for entrepreneurs and startup founders. He leads “Startup Vancouver” – a community of 2,500 startup founders and entrepreneurs. 

This session will provide historical context for how language and information have evolved and shaped our world, our society, and individuals. As each of us, society, and the world cross another plane into the era of pervasive Artificial Intelligence driven systems and services. The lecture will highlight lessons learned and turning points in our journey through language, paper, the printing press etc.

The presentation will look forward from those turning points to understand and harness the opportunity of the current disruption of Internet of Things (IoT), AI, and High-Performance Computing. An opportunity to discuss how these revolutionary technologies are going to shape the future and how we prepare ourselves and future generations for fruitful and impactful careers.


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